Do you use artificial dyes in your makeup?

None of our products contain artificial or chemical dyes. Our colorants consists of iron oxides, ultramarines, mica powders and carmine.

How long does your products last?

We formulate all of our products to be rich in pigment. Our products last a long time. Very little powder is needed to achieve any desired look. With our products less is best. Depending upon you usage customer have reported our products lasting up to 6 months.

Can I use your product if I have sensitive skin?

Because our products are formulated without the typical ingredients and dyes that you may find in traditional makeup, our products are safe to use on sensitive skin. As with anything you put on your skin, it is always best to test.

How do I apply your mineral powders?

Applying our minerals powders is easy. We recommend you to use a large fluffy brush to get a smooth even coverage. Simply sprinkle a little powder into the lid then use brush to apply to face in a swirling motion. Use more powder as needed.

Who are your product made for?

We have created our products with women of color and various ethnicities in mind. We recognize that women come in so many shades of tan, brown and ebony and we have created products that work for their unique tones and skin care needs.

Are your products tested on animals?

Absolutely Not! We use real humans as our guinea pigs.

What is the best way to apply your mineral powder foundation?

We suggest using a wide soft brush or sponge. Our mineral foundation is highly pigmented so start off using a little and then apply more if needed.

How much coverage can I get form your mineral foundation?

Our mineral foundation provides light to medium coverage based on how much product your use. Our powders allow for buildable coverage. Start off using just a dab and apply to face. Add more if more coverage is needed.

I've tried many brands and they all give me grey ash cast will I get those same results with BLAC Minerals?

We figured out why products have a grey cast for women with brown skin and have eliminated it for our products. Our mineral powders are made to enhance, match and provide amazing coverage without compromising quality.

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