Foundation for Women of Color

Foundation is the basis for achieving a flawless face. A good foundation offers great coverage, blends effortlessly, and most importantly matches your true skin tone. Great foundation for women of color tends to be hard to come by…but why is that often the case?
1. The use of whitening ingredients
A common problem with foundation is the ashy or gray cast they tend to leave. This is usually due to the amount of whitening ingredients such as titanium and zinc. These ingredients when used in large amounts will wash out colors and therefore wash out the skin. What many companies tend to do is add whitening ingredients in the same percentages across the board which isn’t beneficial for those with medium to darker skin tones.  Shades made for darker skin need different consideration when using these type of ingredients.
2. Unrealistic undertones/shades
Contrary to popular belief, women of color do not all have red undertones or are one shade of brown. We encompass many hues that vary with yellow, to olive, to red to slightly orange undertones. Our skin also tends to change its color based on the season. 
When looking for the perfect foundation, consider its ingredients, texture and color. A good foundation will  have a smooth texture, and quality ingredients. Avoid products that contain synthetic emollients such as mineral oil, Isododecane or Isoeicosane. Natural plant based emollients such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc are much more beneficial to the skin. Keep these factors in mind and you will be armed with the knowledge to make the perfect beauty decision for you.

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