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CC creams are the newest beauty rage. An all in one cream that promises to even, restore, protect, and correct is something that all should be able to experience. The fact is, there is a segment of the population that will have a hard time finding this product in their shade range. Finding CC creams for women of color can be trying.
Women of brown skin usually have the hardest time finding great top rated, highly innovative products that work for their skin tones.  I am referring to all shades of brown from honey hues to ebony bark. I classify myself as medium in skin tone; not light but not deep either…right in the middle, and let me say my quest to experience something new like a CC/BB cream has left me high and dry. I can recall walking into a Harmon Beauty store and desperately searching for a CC cream only to find the brands that offered it had one shade that they classified as mine…”deep.” How can this be? Within my very own family I have over a dozen hues  and “deep” just doesn’t cut it!
What I have come to find out in researching the beauty industry and my own knowledge of formulating and bringing products to the market is that while big companies don’t sit around and purposely set out  exclude.. they do pay attention to numbers and chose to create products for the larger segment of the population. They invest their resources and money in research & development toward a target market that is vast in sheer numbers. This is all geared toward getting a greater return and profit on their products, and unfortunately this leaves a large number of people out. While women of color are likely to spend 9 times more than their counterparts, their spending power is often overshadowed.
While I understand that formulating products for every hue in the world is an impossible task for brands to consider, I do feel the extra investment in appealing to a broader audience can only help a brand not hinder. There are a great number of companies that are have made the effort to appeal to a more well-rounded group and this growth can only be a positive change.
This issue is one of my main motivations behind BLAC Minerals Cosmetics.  I want our products to appeal to a vast amount of consumers, and as the company grows so will our range.
Tell me what has been your experience with finding innovative products that fit your skin-tone needs?


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