• 4 Must have Products for a 5-Minute Face

    4 Must have Products for a 5-Minute Face
    Today’s world is moving so fast and it seems like there’s never enough time in the day to get things done. While highlight/contour and multi-shade eyeshadow makeup applications look wonderful and editorial worthy; most of us don’t have the time to recreate these looks. With that being said here are 5 must have products that can be applied in 5 minutes or less to...
  • Foundation for Women of Color

    Foundation for Women of Color
    Foundation is the basis for achieving a flawless face. A good foundation offers great coverage, blends effortlessly, and most importantly matches your true skin tone. Great foundation for women of color tends to be hard to come by…but why is that often the case? 1. The use of whitening ingredients A common problem with foundation is the ashy or gray cast they tend to...
  • CC creams for brown skin

    CC creams for brown skin
    CC creams are the newest beauty rage. An all in one cream that promises to even, restore, protect, and correct is something that all should be able to experience. The fact is, there is a segment of the population that will have a hard time finding this product in their shade range. Finding CC creams for women of color can be trying. Women of...
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